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Commercial Fueling

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Fuel Delivered to your Tanks

Cardlock Fueling System

How are you fueling your commercial fleet and equipment?

Do you have tanks located on your property for fueling your trucks, machines and heavy equipment?  We have a solution for you. Partner with us to fuel your tanks to help keep you and your business moving. Contact us for information about how to get started. 1-800-924-8514.


Logging, construction, farming or trucking - whatever your fuel needs, Highland can give you an instant quote for next day delivery anywhere in West or Middle Tennessee. We specialize in full transport loads of 7,500 to 8,800 gallons at substantial savings with exceptional service.


If you have your own equipment and tanks, let us give you a bid today. Our prices are competitive and our service is second to none. We get it where you want, when you want, at the right price! We will shop several sources to give you the lowest price for that day!

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Pacific Pride App

Pacific Pride


The Pacific Pride cardlock system gives you monitoring and control over fuel, maintenance, service and vehicle use - allowing you to operate your fleet at top efficiency.


As a member of the Pacific Pride network, you and your drivers will have access to over 1,000 fueling sites across the United States and Canada. The Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling System offers you convenient access to a controllable source of fuel on a credit basis, from a single source.


Whether you operate one truck, several service vans or a whole fleet of cars and trucks, you're among the select group we call "frequent fuelers". 


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Unauthorized Use

Unlike credit cards, Pacific Pride cards can only be used for the fuel, vehicle and type of purchase you specify.


Maintenance Tracking

Track odometer readings at each fuel stop for maintenance and scheduled service.


You Set Controls

Limit the time of day, day of week, transactions per day and fuel type. The parameters can be applied to your entire fleet or to any driver.


Local Service

You'll deal directly with our Pacific Pride expert to establish your account, set controls, issue cards, and receive ongoing service.


Online Reporting

Fueling data is available through a secured posting on the Pacific Pride website. You can also download all of your fueling transactions for use in Excel and other accounting programs.


Export and Share

Fuel consumption and odometer readings can also be emailed to your maintenance supervisor, accounting department, division managers, etc.


For more information, contact us here.



The Cardlock Advantage

24 hours, 7 days a week access

Available to commercial vehicles only - less wait

Over 1,300 cardlocks across the US and Canada

Clean and well-lit, easy access to class 8 vehicles

Diesel fuel with high speed dispensers (40 gal/min)

No monthly card or service fee

Pricing and credit terms are negotiated locally​


Customer Testimonial

"Pacific Pride allows us to control our Fueling with our fleet of trucks."


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