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About Us

We are a family owned company with generations

of experience in the petroleum industry.

Who we are...

Highland was founded by E.M. Adcox in 1936 as an Esso consignee and became a Sinclair consignee in 1941. Succeeded by his son, J.M. Adcox, the agency became a wholly-owned jobbership in 1967 and became a Texaco jobber in 1972. Since the death of J.M. Adcox in 1974, the company has been owned and managed by David and Connie Adcox. Highland opened its first "Fast Stop" market in 1987 in Dickson, Tennessee. Today Highland has expanded to serve numerous retail locations. In addition to our Fast Stop Markets we serve dealers under the Shell and Marathon brands, and we've expanded our independent brands concept to include Fast Fuel. Highland distributes petroleum products in Tennessee and operates Pacific Pride commercial fueling locations. Fuel Transport, Inc. is a for-hire common carrier that operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Highland Corporation. Fuel Transport, Inc. hauls fuel and petroleum products.


We often say

"Our people fuel our future." 

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