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Fuel Brands

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Highland Corporation is a wealth of knowledge

in C-Store BRANDing.

We currently partner with two major brands:

Shell and Marathon.  We also offer an unbranded fuel, called Fast Fuel. To learn more about these brands, contact us at 1-800-924-8514.



How do I Get Started?  Download our Application.

Our Portfolio

"Highland's people are great. They do their job well and provide a great service. I never have to worry about having fuel in the ground."                                           

                                                            --Doug Sanders 

                                                            Sanders Market, Linden, TN


"Highland has been helpful to me. They provide a reliable service and solutions for any problems I might have."


                                                          --Mr. Patel

                                                            Charlotte Market, Charlotte, TN


"I've been working with Highland for many years and they are more like family than a day-to-day working relationship. They treat people with respect and I appreciate that. They keep my business going without me worrying about whether they will deliver on-time."


                                                             --Jimmy Keen

                                                             One Stop Market, Parsons, TN

Customer Testimonials

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