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Here is what we do,

and we do it well.

Our expertise in the c-store industry is invaluable.  See for yourself.

When you are looking for a company to supply your fueling needs, looking polished on the outside of the building is as important as the fuel we put in the ground.


Our basic goal is this:  

We want to help you succeed.


We are experienced in providing our customers with branding solutions that fit their c-stores needs.

Branding Partner

We help C-Stores develop a Brand Strategy  that draws customers and grows sales.

We serve as a Common Carrier of fuel and petroleum products.

Our trucking company, Fuel Transport, Inc., operates 24/7.  We have been hauling fuel for over thirty years. 


Call us for fuel delivery



Visit our Fuel Transport website or contact us by email

Our customers trust us and appreciate our on-time delivery.  See for yourself.

We create plans that are valued by our customers.  See for yourself.

Highland Corporation strives to help you find the best fueling solution for your business.


We'd love to talk with you about how we can service your fueling needs.



     Cardlock Fueling System


     Supply fuel for tanks at your

     home base of operations



We help Commercial Fueling accounts find the best solution for fueling their fleet.

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